Forum Thread: What new articles would you like to see?

Anyone have something specific they would like to learn about? I have had a lot of ideas floating around in my brain lately, but whenever I think of something good, it seems like Null Byte has already done it!? :)

I'm thinking about writing a series on the history of cryptography? Would anyone enjoy that?

 Also considering something on industrial espionage/social engineering, but not quite certain what angle I'm going to take on that quite yet...

Let me know if there is something you want to learn about that you don't think has been done (or that could be done a lot better?) and I'll see what I can do!


Your Moderator, JT

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I know little about crytography and would look forward to reading your articles, as for the industrial espionage/social engineering I would be glad to help out/contribute.

Awesome! I'm actually writing up a "Lockpicking" tutorial right now, but I definitely plan to expound upon cryptography in the months to come. As for social engineering, if you feel so inclined, I would love to see some member produced articles. If you ever have any questions about writing articles just send me a message or post in here.

I will start on a social engineering article as soon as I finish one about extracting Exif location data embedded in JPEG files. Oh and thanks for pinning my last article to the CorkBoard :-)

Awesome, I will be on the lookout for it and you're welcome! :)

Well that is done but I think I should change the title for the article, it usually takes me a bit to write one because I always question if I have covered enough of the topic to be informative but not enough to bore the reader to death.  So I was bouncing between Null Byte and here as well searching a bit on the over all site to find anything related to social engineering and found myself asking "what part of this should I write about".  I saw your(JT) article about what Social Engineering is and the others seem to focus on specifics.  I found myself thinking about writing on: "resources useful for social engineering success", "From start to finish getting what you want from a company", or just "Social engineering the legal avenues". Also, since this world is the Invisible Computer I am planning on writing an article to help people disappear in the electronic world.  Any input is welcome!

Yeah, any of those sound good! I think "From start to finish: getting what you want from a company" is a good eye-grabber? I usually just find a topic and start writing and researching, then when I am all done I decide whether or not it's worth publishing. In regards to entertainment value, while I think it is important I actually write most of these articles to learn more about things I am interested in and then just hope others enjoy it as I do. Also, as you can tell, I have strayed pretty far from my "invisible" theme at times...but anonymity on the internet is a really important topic and I welcome any articles on it with open arms! 

Alright I am finishing up the first article, I have broken the topic into several parts with a main title of Get What You Want Through Social Engineering From Start to Finish

  1. Understanding the ART
  2. Methods of preparation
  3. Scenarios of the art
  4. Putting it all together

Cool! Looks structured enough to me...

Here are some things to look for that the site moderators almost always look at if they decide to publish your article on the front page:

  • Cool Hi-Res Cover Photo
  • Citations of photos at bottom, by name of site origin
  • Basic grammar, punctuation and structure...and overall aesthetic details

If you check those prior to submitting, that saves them time and makes them happy! :)

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