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Hello, I would like to make a guide for checking HDD health on your computer but I'm not entirely sure if it's suitable for this World. Would you like me to make one?

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Sure! We are always looking for people who wish to contribute! So long as it is helpful (e.g. some people just slap some stuff together in 5mins and think that's sufficient-- this is probably not something we would want to publish). Since this is your first article, I would be happy to help proofread and/or give some pointers if you need it, just send me a message or something. Best of luck! Look forward to your article!

Excellent! Thank you for replying so quickly. It might take me a while to put together though (certainly longer than 5 minutes)

Alright, cool I will be on the lookout for it. Maybe I will find some inspiration to write something up myself?! :) I haven't published anything in over a week...haha College is draining sometimes, but I have a couple of ideas, so hopefully I will get something out soon. 

This might take a little longer than I originally thought. Funny thing about using HDD checking tools is noticing your hard drive is actually dying. It'll be done in a week. But probably not sooner

Haha, yes that tends to happen! :)

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