News: Homeland Security is watching YOU

Homeland Security is watching YOU

The department of Homeland Security released a list of 'words and phrases' it uses to search social media for terrorism, and whatever else they decide they are looking for that day. Read some of these. A few are obvious "bomb, nuke" and some "target, event" are just down right vague. More reasons to watch what you do on the Internet. You are not the only one watching!

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I'm probably already on their list, seeing as how I regularly discuss such things openly on the internet already, among other things...haha I guess I will find out next time I try to fly out of the country? :) Thanks for the article!

More likely it will be the next time you try to return from outside the country...

Haha, yes you are probably right? :)

not completely related, but somehow, I made it from DFW international airport to london with an expired passport on my way to a connecting flight to germany. somehow, they descovered it then and we had to stay the rest of the day in the US embassy... ON THE HOTEST DAY IN LONDON'S HISTORY. about 250- 500 people died of heat stroke. aparently, no one has air conditioning over there. the embassy sure as heck didn't

Wow, that sucks! I remember when I was little and we went to Las Vegas in July and our air-conditioning went out, it was so hot! @_@

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