News: How to Use an Eyetoy as a Webcam!

How to Use an Eyetoy as a Webcam!

If you have a PS2/PS3 Eyetoy, but don't want to go and spend $30+ dollars on a new webcam, then this is for you.

If you have a PS3 Eyetoy I believe it PNP compliant and thus compatible with most operating systems. Simply plug it in and you should be set!

If you have a PS2 Eyetoy, then you will need to install a custom driver for it to function properly. Go to the Youtube video posted below to see how to do it and where to download the drivers. I did not make this video, but I used it to configure my own Eyetoy and I can verify that it works.

How to use EyeToy on Windows 7 64-Bit (UPDATE) - YouTube

(click above link for driver download locations)

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