Reward System: How Can I Earn Points?

In order to help facilitate participation in this "world" and help reward and recognize contributors I decided to implement a point system.

Basically you can earn points by completing challenges, commenting and writing articles. With these points you will be able to purchase various prizes (TBA) and if you gain enough points you can be promoted to a moderator. Here is a breakdown of the system:

  • Write an Article: 15pts (assuming it's decent quality-wise)
  • Complete a Challenge: 10pts (can be more if explicitly stated)
  • Post in the Forum: 3pts (once per week)
  • Post to Corkboard: 3pts (once per week)
  • Comment: 1pt (once per article)

I will post an update of everyone's points near the end of each week. Current scores should be up sometime tonight.

2 Responses

Current Point Standings as of 05/07/2012:

  1. Allen Freeman, 6 
  2.  Bryan Crow,  5 
  3.  Panav Padhye,  3
  4.  Jimmy Humpfre,  3
  5.  Justin Meyers,  1
  6.  EnricoMallari,  1
  7.  Micky Lover's,  1
  8.  Robert Page,  1
  9.  Mr Unknown,  1
  10.  Nikolas Asteri,  1 
  11.  Peter Cooper,  1

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