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News: Merge Audio Files

My mp3 player is really crappy so it sometimes doesn't recognize books I rip, so if you want to play it in order you have to rename all the files. To make this easier, I merge each disc into one file. It's also great for other purposes. This program is free and works well! Merge MP3.

Gambling with Secrets: Video Series

I recently found this video series that discusses (in a more round about way) the theories that make cryptography what it is today, which goes great with my most recent blog post. I haven't finished watching them all yet, but so far they have been fairly good and I would recommend watching one to see if you like it?!

News: Homeland Security is watching YOU

The department of Homeland Security released a list of 'words and phrases' it uses to search social media for terrorism, and whatever else they decide they are looking for that day. Read some of these. A few are obvious "bomb, nuke" and some "target, event" are just down right vague. More reasons to watch what you do on the Internet. You are not the only one watching!

News: Student Sentenced to 8mo. in Jail for Hacking Facebook

Many times throughout history companies have been hacked by so-called "grey-hatters": hackers who do ambiguously ethical things with their computer skills. Often enough, after being hacked the companies actually offer to hire the hacker, but not always (as you see in this case). Just a reminder that you need to watch what you are doing. Never do anything illegal unless you don't mind facing the consequences!

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