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Forum Thread: Introduce Yourself!

New to Invisible Computer? Feel free to introduce yourself here! For example, I am a computer science major at the University of Utah. I enjoy reading about computers, particularly cryptography, programming and computer security. I am excellent in JAVA and C++, but have a basic knowledge of PHP, SQL, Javascript and HTML. I love eating exotic foods, obsessing over spelling bees, hacking computers and watching spy shows.

Introductory Guide to Hacking: Where to Get Started?

I am going to post summarizing the best places to go to begin your hacking adventures, but feel free to add any other resources that you think are helpful to this forum thread! There are just so many great places to go it is hard to pick and choose. If your suggestions are really great I will be sure to add them to the blog post.

Welcome: Read Me

Welcome to Invisible Computer! We hope you have found what has been posted thus far easy to understand, entertaining and informative. Feel free to give constructive criticism, however please conform to the following rules:

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