Forum Thread: Introduction to Classical Cryptography

I have decided to write a series on classical cryptography and if that goes well, then I will do some posts on modern cryptography.

I am pretty busy with school at the moment, but that always seems to be the case? :)

I will probably finish writing it in the next couple of days, so look for that (probably Saturday). As always, feel free to let me know what you would like to see more or less of!

Until then, Happy computing! 

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Sounds useful! It'll be great if you can explain such a complex subject in a way that most people can understand. I think cryptography is one of the top subjects that people shy away from because they're intimidated by it. It's always great when someone can help break through that barrier.

Yes, I agree! Cryptography is a quintessential part of computer security and most people don't even know it exists! Having a basic understanding of cryptography is critical in having a safe (relatively) experience on the internet. Definitely hope to "break the barrier" on this one? :)

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